User Defined Reports


Organizations use data extensively to guide them in decision making, setting and prioritizing goals, and monitoring progress. In fact, data is a basic requirement for almost each business process. It can be used for defining needs, setting goals, planning interventions, and evaluating progress. Capable data-based decision makers understand the array of data that is required for business survival and enhancement both.


User defined reports are more flexible than the predefined lists and charts. With its brilliant User Defined Reports feature, Corporate Munim offers you complete freedom of viewing data an per your own requirement. Its features are :

  •  Allows the users to create and present the reports as per their requirement
  •  Role based permissions to create UDR and comprehensive reports help you make informed decisions
  •  Single Database Concept that allows you to view location wise stock and activities
  •  Flexibility of viewing the data in various forms like company as a whole, branch wise and location wise   
  •  Data accuracy with 0% possibility for duplication of data
  •  User level field control

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