Ceramics ERP

gallery-thumb1 With the growing technology and advancement in the complexity management of the various processes in a business, who would have thought few years ago that we would be able to handle all this through one platform itself?! We are living in the ‘future of ERP system’, apparently.

Ceramic industry is a challenge – from the procurement of raw material from the miners (or vendors) to bringing out the beautiful finished products used by almost every household. Ceramics have permeated into our lives in the way of utensils, sanitary ware, tiles, tooth implants, artwork, insulators or bad conductors for electricity ceramics and what-not.

With such a vast market to deal with, do we have supporting workforce which handles all the transactions and movements?

Yes we do.

We have ERP for ceramic industry which is a powerful management system to take strict control of business activities. ERP solutions for ceramic industries must be both highly organised and rigorous to keep all the business activities in check.

There is a plethora of daily operations happening in the ceramic industry – from purchasing and stocking, production and transport, budget and quality management to sales and inventory, there are data from every industrial process.

Corporate Munim is the most comprehensive Ceramic industry ERP solution which collates and processes all the data within the ceramic manufacturing companies.


Ceramic manufacturing companies are huge and are divided into various departments. Efficient operation calls for effective integration across the departments. This ERP software for ceramics enables better collaboration and communications.


For making informed business decisions, it is important for business to analyze reports on regular intervals. ERP for ceramic not only captures these transaction level data, but also provides the information to build reports.

Inventory Management

From manufacturing to distribution to sales, inventory management is the key to efficient business processes. An efficient inventory management system will ensure hassle-free order management and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Multi--Location Environment

Having to deal with multiple location transactions and managing the environment as well is crucial to the business. It must be done efficiently and in real time.


Ceramic manufacturing companies export their products and thus having a centralized system which handles the export requirements smoothly is a boon. Corporate Munim offers unique features for your project management company which makes the day to day operations seamless.

They are:-

• User-defined Executive dashboard

• Enhanced Reporting Capabilities

• Critical Business Alerts on Dashboard, Email and SMS

• Combine Multiple Reports from different Modules

• Decision-making in real time

• Powerful security to protect integrity of the data

• Easy import and export of the data

• Support for emailing of documents and reports

• Multilevel authorization which can be configured as per organizational hierarchy

Corporate Munim will help your ceramic manufacturing company grow in the ever competitive industry and guide your path to success.

Kindly contact us if you want to implement Ceramics ERP in your Country. We can implement it in India, Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Nigeria, Ethiopia, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, Tunisia, United States of America, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan.

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