Pharmaceuticals ERP

gallery-thumb1 The pharmaceuticals industry is one of the top five industries in terms of volume, in India. Branded generics including both global and Indian products have penetrated the Indian pharmaceutical market. This is because they have more influence over the health-care market and even the minds of the people.

Millions of transactions happen every day across the globe in the pharmaceutical industry. Every pharmaceutical company undergoes umpteen transactions and movements over a month.

Having a consolidated database to store, track and analyse all this information is vital.

From manufacturing, shipping, distribution to retail, every product should be recorded and tracked from one place to minimise loss of critical business data.

That’s where ERP in pharmaceutical comes into the picture...

Having said that, Corporate Munim, a pharmaceutical EPR solution, is well equipped to handle all the data and minute details of the transactional processes of the pharmaceutical company. It is designed in such a way that the software integrates all the processes at one place and gives a holistic view for the ones in the upper hierarchy or the administration.

Corporate Munim targets and resolves few major challenges faced by pharmaceutical companies.


Pharmaceutical companies are huge and are divided into various departments. Efficient operation calls for effective integration across the departments. This enables better collaboration and communications. Using a pharmaceutical ERP solution in your business will help you integrate and streamline all the processes.


For making informed business decisions, it is important for business to analyze reports on regular intervals. Hence, having a system at one place that accurately generates relevant reports in real time is a privilege.

Inventory Management

From manufacturing to distribution to sales, inventory management is the key to efficient business processes. An efficient inventory management system will ensure hassle-free order management and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Multi-Location Environment

Having to deal with multiple location transactions and managing the environment as well is crucial to the business. It must be done efficiently and in real time.


Pharmaceutical companies export their products and thus having a centralized system which handles the export requirements smoothly is a boon. Having pharmaceutical ERP software in place will maximize efficiency of the processes.

Corporate Munim, an ERP for pharmaceutical industry offers unique features which make the day to day operations seamless.

They are:-

• User-defined Executive dashboard

• Enhanced Reporting Capabilities

• Critical Business Alerts on Dashboard, Email and SMS

• Combine Multiple Reports from different Modules

• Decision-making in real time

• Powerful security to protect integrity of the data

• Easy import and export of the data

• Support for emailing of documents and reports

• Multilevel authorization which can be configured as per organizational hierarchy

Corporate Munim will help your pharmaceutical company grow in the ever competitive industry and guide your path to success.

Kindly contact us if you want to implement Pharmaceuticals ERP in your Country. We can implement it in India, Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Nigeria, Ethiopia, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, Tunisia, United States of America, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan.

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