Unjha Pharmaceuticals Limited

Always forefront organization in manufacturing Ayurvedic Patent and Shashtrokt products


We at Senor Metals Pvt. Ltd. describe Corporate Munim as a combination of excellent Project Management Tool, superb CRM tool and effective Business Automation tool.  It has certainly supported us to formulate our business strategy by developing a very clear roadmap of our activities, which laid out how we needed to evolve our business systems over a number of phases.

We are a leading manufacturer of  Copper and Copper based Alloys in India. We supply materials to reputed companies including Ordinance Factories across Country.

We possess five production divisions:

  • Extrusion Division
  • Wire Division
  • Components Division
  • Fasteners Division
  • Welding & Brazing Material Division

As per our industry, our main requirement is project management. The more efficiently we deliver the material, the more reputation we earn. From planning, procurement and production to dispatch and billing Corporate Munim saves our time and efforts in all areas of processes.

It allows us better communication with our customers. From complicated company performance reports to small features like sales follow ups everything is there. It is the only  system that we are using for our all processes related to Sales, Production, Quality , Dispatch , Logistics, HR, and Accounts .

Good Luck to them


Mr.Rasiklal Shah,Director

Senor Metals Pvt. Ltd.

- Mr.Hiten Shah,

Case Studies

Name of Company:  Unjha Pharmacy (Tonix)
Year of implementation: 2001
Description:  The foundation of Unjha Pharmacy was laid in 1884 by Lt. Vaidyaraja Shree Nagindasji Shah with noble goal of serving humankind. With the experience of over 117 years, Unjha Pharmacy always has been among the top leaders in the field of inventing as also launching new Ayurvedic products, for the benefit and comfort of vast human community from variety of diseases. 
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The main objective of this case study is to present the impacts of information Corporate Munim in business process renovation and to discuss selected aspects of the business processes and information modeling as well. 
Being a more than 117 hundred year old company, Unjha Pharmacy always maintained good market reputation.  Its huge production units, very specific processes, big sales network and well grown business were in need of Business Process Automation. Of course, each process is equally important in business, but the Client Company was majorly concern with following processes. 
Production Level Processes:  On time production with the help of proper planning and procurement department is always required in any organization. Being an Ayurvedic Medicine manufacturer, procurement was little more complicated as it was related with farming of particular kind of plants and their proper storage. 
Quality Assurance Level Processes: Like any other organization of healthcare industry, our client company was highly focused on quality assurance process. Their QA team was highly vigilant, but because of wide range of products and mass production, this process was very time consuming and more coordination between related departments.
Forecasting Level Processes: Forecasting of healthcare industry is dependent on many factors like season, awareness and marketing campaigns.  Being a national supplier, our client company wanted to be more specific about it and wanted to avoid the risk of less stock or date expired stock. 
Distribution Level Processes: Apart of regular distribution, distributors and retailers may demand more or less stock as per requirements and much internal and external communication was required here for perfect professional relationship.
Employee Level Processes: Like any other organization, our client company was also willing to utilize the maximum potential of their team which was not possible without streamlined work system. 
Being a complete Business Automation Solution, Corporate Munim had each feature that is required for business automation and even much more than that. We arranged couple of meetings with their senior management, understood their perceptions that made them think about ERP solution. Our expert team completed the successful ERP implementation in few months and following are the results being enjoyed by client today:
-Reduction of product delivery time. 
-Reduction in the number of delivery complaints (complaints reduced to a minimum) 
-Better visibility of the workflow systems and their coordination.
-Secured forecasts of money flows and planning of available financial resources for a more rapid execution of all           business processes
-Automated warehouse 
-Improved financial growth 

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