Rainbow Papers Limited

A highly respected name in paper industry across the globe, Rainbow Papers Limited is also accredited with ISO 9001, 14001 & OHSAS 18001.


ERP solutions, ERP strategies, ERP management kind of words were in high fashion when we decided to go for ERP implementation. As a first step we carried out need based analysis of our requirements. Rainbow Papers commenced its journey with its first venture, a creping and dyeing unit in 1981. Today it is a respectable name of industry producing almost 186 different varieties of paper, catering to the diverse segments of the Indian as well as overseas usage market. We consider our Quality, Creativity, Market Awareness and Financial Strength as our main pillars that always help us in taking correct decisions. We maintain good level of stability in the Stock Market as well. As a well organized company, we were looking for even more result oriented systems. 
After having detailed understanding about how such systems really work apart of myths and stories related to them, we decided to go for Corporate Munim in 2009. Implementation team seemed very efficient and it took about 6 months in completion of implementation including training. 
The more we got used to its features, the more we found interesting and useful. It is acting like an all rounder solution for our organization.  Each section of our organization like Sales Department, Planning and Procurement Department, Production Department, Maintenance Department, Dispatch Department, Account Department, HR Department, Senior Management etc is benefited with the usage of Corporate Munim. As and when required, we can use it like a customized solution as well. 
Today we admit that Corporate Munim is a business explorer in a real sense. We are happy with value added services also.  
-Mr.Ashok Jain,Manager IT
Rainbow Papers Limited

- Mr.Ashok Jain,
Manager IT

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