Parixit Industries Limited

A well established and renowned manufacturer of agricultural pipes, industrial pipes


 When we decided to implement Corporate Munim in 2006, our expectations were very clear. We wanted to reap the advantage of technology by making our business processes automated. Streamlining the work functions and moving forward to even much commercial growth were the main objectives that we wanted to achieve. During the services of more than 8 years, Corporate Munim has performed better than our expectations.   
As a well established and renowned manufacturer of agricultural pipes, industrial pipes including drip irrigation system, micro irrigation system, sprinkler system, landscape irrigation system, compression fittings, HDPE pipe fittings, HDPE pipes, PVC pipes, HDPE column pipes, MDPE gas pipes, disc filters, PP ball valves, HDPE ball valves, permanently lubricated HDPE telecom ducts and PLB ducts, Parixit Industries Limited had always maintained a quality focused production environment and value focused working environment. Of course, as a business organization; commercial growth is also a vital requirement. Corporate Munim helped us in everything. 
It covers all functionalities that we needed. It covers all areas like CRM, Sales, Purchasing, Export, Inventory, Account & Finance, Statutory Requirements, Pat Roll, Assets, Production Planning, Plant Maintenance and many others. Data Synchronization between all branch offices and sales offices is one of the most impressive features that save our good amount time and efforts along with accuracy.  Our internal and external communication has experienced high level of betterment and our decision making process also gets noticeable advantage from Corporate Munim.  We are always provided very professional after sales services and tech support by them. 
We are a highly satisfied client of Corporate Munim and we wish good luck to them. 
Mr.Lokesh Agrawal,CFO
Parixit Industries Limited. 

- Mr.Lokesh Agrawal,

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