Lonsen Kiri

A joint venture company between China-based Zhejiang Lonsen and India-based Kiri Dyes and Chemicals inaugurated a new dyestuff plant on 19 July 2009 in Vadodara, the Gujarat state of India.


What all we needed was flexible ERP product with good services. After some research, we decided to go with deployment of Corporate Munim. Today I think it was really a correct decision. Corporate Munim has proved itself the best solution covering all our needs. It allows us the freedom to create data input and output systems as per our convenience. We can change field controls as per priorities. The best part of Corporate Munim is; it displays data however we want to see. Creating and analyzing reports were never so easy activities. At service part as well, they deliver what they commit. Our company has noticed visible results in streamlining processes. We are a highly satisfied client of Corporate Munim and we wish good luck to Nutec Infotech Pvt. Ltd for its brighter future. 
-Dr.Hemant Vyas,Director
Lonsen Kiri Limited

- Dr.Hemant Vyas,

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