Fair Mate

India base multinational company, Fair Mate is the manufacturer of complete range of Construction chemicals


As we are the company of value and commitment, we can easily indentify the internal spirit of highly committed organization. Our experience with Corporate Munim has been excellent. It is a world class ERP solution in real sense that makes big difference in regular operations. It enhances the potential of client organization and makes the expansion process easy to handle. 
Our highly reputed multinational company Fair Mate, the manufacturer of complete range of Construction chemicals was established in 1982.  We are also into complete range of Specialty Construction Chemicals and related services. We have our manufacturing facilities across India and different parts of world.
We are impressed with the unlimited functionalities of Corporate Munim that makes all processes automated of our international business. Our research and development team including one testing team located at Dubai, finds it the best medium to communicate and to store the confidential data securely. Senior management can easily have the clear picture of all offices from any location on this earth. Feasibility of controlling global operations of different departments from a single window is again a crucial feature. Its CRM has helped us in maintaining our image as one the finest service providers among our customers and clients. It covers all processes related to business and offers the freedom to use it as a tailor made or customized product. 
We wish good luck to them.
-Mr.Rakesh Shah,MD
Fair Mate chemicals (P) Ltd.

- Mr.Rakesh Shah,

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