Dynemic Products Limited

Established in 1990, Dynemic Products Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2000 & HACCP Certified Company and one of the major manufacturers and exporters of India


Established in 1990, Dynemic Products Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2000 & HACCP Certified Company. We are one of the major manufacturer and exporter in India, offering complete range of Food Colors, Lake Colors, Blended Colors, FD&C Colors & Dye Intermediates. Dynemic believes to have high standard of business ethics. Qualities of product and customer satisfaction are two bases of our business.  
When business process automation word got prevalent in our industry, we decided to explore the possibilities. Sales team of Corporate Munim could convince us easily for deployment mainly due to their ‘all in one’ kind of product. If we keep expanding our business, how the product will be able to handle our new needs was the main concern for us and they had the best solution for it. 
Corporate Munim has enhanced the potential of our each business area. Its ‘Business Intelligence Tool’ is a reliable source of relevant information. Being an export oriented company; we enjoy using the precise features related to each single need of export, logistic and taxation process.  
Dynemic Products Ltd. got Corporate Munim implemented since 2012. We are highly satisfied with the product and service both. 
Mr.Dixit Patel,Director 
Dynemic Products Ltd

- Mr.Dixit Patel,

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