Dembla Valves Limited

Dembla Valves Ltd. has risen to become one of the most trustworthy brand names in control valve manufacturing company. This has not just come through the fluid control cutting edge know how but also through a passion for customer delight.


Without a doubt, Corporate Munim ERP has always exceeded our expectations in terms of performance and advantages both. Our processes are more effective and efficient with it. Founded in 1985, Dembla, had always a very clear and precise mission - Achieve the highest level of excellence that will keep getting better and better and eventuate into a benchmark of the industry. Team work under perfect leadership lead the organization to significant heights of success and today we take pride in our well-rounded distinction which includes design, development, manufacturing & testing of control valves.
Corporate Munim ERP is just a single product that we use for our all national and international operations. It is Quality Assurance or Client Communication, Dembla is always follower of perfection and Corporate Munim supports us in maintaining our perfection. Its each module is designed very precisely that fits with working system of any organization. Its flow clearly proves that Corporate Munim is result of in depth research work before product development.
Team Corporate Munim had handled implementation process very successfully keeping our satisfaction in centre. Today we feel the value of our decision of choosing Corporate Munim ERP. We find the product and service both very effective and wish good luck to them. 
-Mr.Kapil Dembla,Director
Dembla valves limited

- Mr.Kapil Dembla,

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