Aastha Tools Pvt. Ltd.

Aastha Tools Pvt. Ltd.


Sometimes we come across through questions like, ERP success, fact or stories? Our experience with Corporate Munim ERP makes us believe that ERP success is a fact. As a trusted organization, it is always crucial for us to maintain the quality of product and their market reputation both. Team at Aastha Tools always believed in the best working practice. Since establishment, the intelligent top management team of our organization was aware with following issues that may act like business affecting pain points if not taken care of properly. 

  • If analysis’ or Evidence Based Scheduling
  •  Issues related to hierarchy and respect to hierarchy
  • Traceability between various aspects of processes
  • Large backlogs
  • Time and Task Tracking issues
  • Missing the flow in correct project estimation method
  • Lack of learning curve
  • Lack of team collaboration
  • Understanding of trends  
  • Tracking and maintaining documentation
  • Unorganized reports that may affect decision making process

Top management always made sure that such issues should not be a part of our organization. Corporate Munim ERP has played a noticeable role in maintaining result oriented working environment at our organization. It has worked as a one stop solution for our each process. We respect the ongoing tech support of its team as well.


Mr.Pradip Jadeja

Aastha Tools Pvt. Ltd.

- Mr.Pradip Jadeja,

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